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About Dexter:

He is a young two-year-old male, weighing in at about 55 lbs. and unfortunately has been shipped to a bunch of shelters in his life – from Lompoc to Orange County to DAWG, and he hasn’t necessarily liked any of them. He’s very happy in a house and loves his crate and access to a back yard. He loves other dogs and romping around with his playmates.

Though he runs next to a scooter for 30 minutes each morning and gets a 45 minute walk in the evenings he still has plenty of energy to play and chase balls and Frisbee! He has fantastic potential as an agility or Frisbee dog.

Currently, Dex is learning to play with different breeds, sizes and play-styles though his favorite thing to do is to run around and play chase. He is living with a big tough bulldog/pit that likes to play rougher than some, at first that freaked him out but over time he is learning that it is just play, he seems very smart!

He is doing very well on with his commands and is anxious to please his companions.

The one thing we are still working on is improving his recall. On his walks his only distraction is other dogs because he wants to go say hello. Though Dex is trying to be friendly, we know some doggy friends don’t like meeting nose-to-nose or even meeting at all!

He would be perfect for a jogger or runner who could exert his energy and teach him how to be calmer boy around his doggy friends. He is already learning that with me and he is learning very quickly!

We can’t recommend Dexter enough! Dex is dog-friendly, people-friendly and loves outdoor adventures. He will be a very rewarding dog to share time with. He bonds with others quickly but does not have any trouble with being left alone, no separation anxiety here.

He is a dog that can handle as much activity as a person can give him.

If you are a jogger or hiker and are looking for a companion dog, Dexter would be a good fit for you.

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More Details On Dexter
Age: 2.5 years
Size: 55lbs
Gender: Male, Neutered
Dog Breed: I Grab Life by the Horns
Adoption Donation: $250
Online Adoption Form

5480 Overpass Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93117
Phone: 805-681-0561
Hours: Open 10am-4pm Daily
(Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day)

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