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About Dolly:

Talk about craving human affection, Dolly just melts our hearts!  She gets so excited to see people, both new and old. She will greet you with a serious tail wag and some snorty sounds that make her that much more endearing.

She is a muscley bull of a dog, typical of her breed. She is mighty powerful but prefers to use this strength and might to love you with!!! She loves to play and fetch and bury her nose into you and then roll over for belly rubs.

She loves kids and will give sweet nuzzles to them. Dolly gets along great with some of the other dogs at DAWG. She is a bit selective but who isn’t selective about the friends they want to spend time with?  Whoever adopts Dolly will need to be vigilant when Dolly is around other dogs and continue the socialization training she is receiving at DAWG.

Dolly arrived at DAWG with some serious skin issues and, what we later found out, was a that a corn cob was stuck in her intestines! Dolly had to have emergency surgery at the DAWG veterinary care clinic to remove the corn cob or she would have died if left untreated. Dolly also arrived with scars on her body and severe infections in both eyes. 

Her ongoing eye infections are receiving treatment with antibiotics and that will most likely be something that requires continual maintenance throughout this sweet girl’s life. We imagine that Dolly didn’t have the best life before being rescued. Dolly is currently going through training so she can practice her socialization with other dogs and since her arrival over a year ago Dolly’s reactivity to other dogs has greatly improved. And she does have her favorite dog playmates she gets along with well.

Her adopter will need to be somebody who knows how to continue Dolly’s training so she can one day attain the social skills to interact properly with all other dogs.

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More Details On Dolly
Age: 7 years
Size: 45lbs
Gender: Female, Spayed
Adoption Donation to DAWG: $150

Online Adoption Form

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Phone: 805-681-0561
Hours: Open 10am-4pm Daily
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